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At Priority TM Ltd, we can offer our services on all types of road within the United Kingdom. From heavily congested urban roads to high volume high speed motorways and dual carriageways, we will be able to cater for all of your traffic management needs. Also with a National database of companies on our fully vetted sub contractors list, we can offer a full and comprehensive service all over the UK.
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Temporary traffic management solutions for every aspect of the highways construction industry.

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At Priority TM Ltd we have many traffic management systems suitable for every aspect of the highways construction industry.

Our temporary traffic light systems are cable-less radio controlled units and are available in 2, 3 and 4 way configurations as well as the 2way Auto-Flo system and UTC/Pedestrian multi-phase systems. All systems can be supplied with repeater signal heads. Each set are programmed individually and work on a unique frequency setting for that particular programmed set.

All of our traffic light systems are approved to the latest Highways Agency specification TR 2502A. With AGD vehicle detectors fitted as standard, for priority control, but can be run on a manual setting allowing the operator to determine the amount of traffic flow on each phase; this is particularly useful on strategic routes where traffic flow is exceedingly high.

Temporary Traffic Lights

24 Hour Emergency Service - Call 020 8432 8732 / 07973 659 490 

Man on Site

Temporary Traffic Lights
24 hours - Emergency Service
Cones used for traffic management
Impact protection vehicle
Stop and go signs
Temporary warning sign
Advance Warning
Whether its 3am or 3pm our emergency service Is always there to help. Whether it be a burst water main or a collapsed road we will provide Traffic Management 24 Hours a day 365 days a year.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that the customer always gets what they want, which is a speedy service with a fully comprehensive after sale service.
Alongside Temporary Traffic Lights we offer a fully comprehensive Man On Site Service for the manual control of the Temporary Traffic Management Supplied by us.

So whether its a small 2 way set up or a large scale 4 way our Man on Site Service can reduce waiting times, Traffic build up and make things move a lot faster and smoother.
Accessibility and mobility are important factors in the functioning of a city, while increasing road capacity only gives traffic growth an extra boost. In addition, expansion in our full cities means expensive and/or painful measures. At first the solution seemed to lie in building the trunk road system at different levels, but limited public funding made this impossible. It is also clear that traffic grows even more when road capacity is enlarged.This is where we step in offering a simple yet perfect design to solve the problem.

By integrating multiple headed traffic light systems and various technologies we have been able to control every aspect of urban TM such as Priority.

Impact Protection Vehicle

Fully qualified management, TCSO's, supervisors and operatives to national highways sector scheme 12AB LANTRA/NHSS. We conform to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance to ensure a high quality of work. Along with our scheme planning and design service we can offer high quality plans for items such as, Temporary Vehicle Barriers and Remote Control Signs. A set up and taken down in purpose-built Traffic Management Vehicles. All our high speed Traffic Management Vehicles comply with the Good Working Practice Document.

Stop & Go Boards

Our remote operated Stop and Go boards are fully approved by the Department of Transport and provide the operator with much greater control over traffic flows in challenging situations.

This system is programmed to prevent the operator accidentally displaying a GO signal simultaneously at both end of the works area. They are radio controlled and operated by means of a hand held single button remote mechanism. Each single press sends a coded signal that activates and rotates one or the other of the STOP-GO boards from STOP to GO and vice-versa each in the correct sequence.

This system provides the operator with the capability to instantly display a continuous Stop signal at both ends of the works area to allow for works vehicles entering or leaving the site or in response to emergencies within the works area.

Design & Consultancy Services

We have the ability to redesign Traffic Management Layouts and Phases to improve programme and Safety. Experienced and Qualified Design team to ensure an eye-to-detail scale drawing. Using a wide range of CAD and TM software to produce high detail drawings within 2% accuracy using ordinance survey maps.

Site visits, risk assessment and liaison meetings prior to final drawings to allow us to ensure consistency. Scale drawings are created to your specification or an agreed specification by us available in all formats to make viewing easy. Send and receive drawings via email in PDF format to ensure an easy transfer from computer to paper. Liaison with councils and local authorities to ensure a safe, clean job with as little disruption as possible. Help and advice from start to finish with an after sales service.

V.M.S Boards

Here at Priority we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction, along with this we also pride ourselves in using modern technology to make road works safer, faster and less disruptive. Using Variable Message Sign boards (VMS) we aim to keep road users up to date and at ease.

Its primary function is to provide a safe platform to house an electronic message display with its own cost efficient power supply, providing motorists and other users ‘real-time’ information.

Capable of displaying the highest legibility in messages and graphics, this versatile and easily transportable safety sign is pivotal when offering traffic management solutions during times of road works, congestion, speed control, events and accident management.

The Advantage series Mobile Variable Message Signs have enhanced legibility, are cost effective, require low maintenance and are easy to operate.

Special Text Signage

Properly planned traffic management systems and effective signing serve to assist local authorities and residents when dealing with increasing road traffic problems. Such demands have led to the development of our Road Traffic Management Division.

Highway authorities insist upon the highest grade of sign and service. Priority TM’ Sign Making Services have responded by providing Class 1 high intensity reflective and Engineering Grade reflective signs manufactured to BS 873 standards, using highly reflective steel backed signs.
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